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Building a Bodo Future

Bodo is working to create a single data processing workflow orchestration platform for all data types, whether they be media, tabular or semi-structured. Today, coding and processing for different data types are entirely separated. In the future, Bodo dynamic parallel computing architecture will optimize allocation and parallelization of hardware for all types of data processing scenarios, and on all types of data platforms.

Data Platform Partners

Bodo partners with leading data platforms to provide a high-performance analytics engine for their customers.

Snowflake and Bodo are working together to provide optimized parallel computing for Python analytics using Snowflake Data Cloud. Our integrated solution simplifies access to exceptional performance in data processing and machine learning (ML) for data engineers and data scientists, while reducing overall analytics costs.

Bodo has worked with Saturn Cloud to integrate the Bodo engine into the collaborative workflows that data engineers and data scientists use.  Saturn Cloud helps provision data science and machine learning in the cloud - with exactly the hardware and software professionals want.  Bodo, as the fastest parallel compute engine for python, provides Saturn Cloud users with a new highly performant and efficient environment for deploying large-scale compute and analytics projects. 

Hardware Partners

Bodo partners with hardware manufacturers to help extract maximum parallel execution performance.

AMD and Bodo are collaborating to develop software technology that simplifies Python-based access to highly efficient media processing. Media workflow developers will benefit from the simplicity of native Python, yet access the highest levels of accelerated performance available from FPGA hardware.

Open Source Partners

Bodo’s technology roots are based in open source projects. We remain staunch supporters of a wide range of OSS technologies.

Consortium for Python Data API Standards aims to create standard APIs for Python data structures such as arrays and data frames, which are critical for scientific, data science and machine learning users and applications. The goal is to enhance API portability, interoperability, and amenability to optimization and JIT compilation. As an active member of the consortium, Bodo shares expertise on real data applications and infrastructure, as well as JIT compilation and optimization.

Numba is a JIT compiler toolkit for building high performance compilers and libraries in Python, and is key infrastructure for Bodo’s compute engine. Bodo’s user-facing JIT decorator and workflow are built on top of Numba’s JIT implementation. In addition, Bodo uses Numba to interface Python and LLVM, and reuses Numba’s implementations of Python/Numpy basics. Bodo relies heavily on Numba and our engineers regularly contribute to the project. We also sponsor Numba through OpenTeams to help with community-driven development and maintenance of the project.

Bodo is an Institutional Partner for pandas, with direct support for the project through NumFOCUS. Bodo’s platform uses, rather than replaces, the pandas API, allowing users to upscale their data analytics while keeping their production data pipelines simple—all while in native Python. Bodo works directly with pandas core developers to improve pandas for data engineering and ETL use cases, and make Pandas APIs more robust and more amenable to optimization. 

Quansight helps customers access the power of open source technologies while sustaining the communities that create them. Bodo and Quansight have partnered to provide superior customer implementation support, customization, and consulting services – especially for technologies in the PyData and NumFOCUS ecosystems such as pandas, NumPy, SciKit Learn, Jupyter, Numba, and others. 

Service Partners

Bodo works with best-in-class firms to provide training, onboarding, and consulting services to customers.

OpenTeams and Bodo work closely together to develop training, onboarding and educational materials specifically for data engineers and data scientists adopting Bodo. OpenTeams subject-matter expertise includes deep knowledge of Python, pandas, Numba and more.

What Our Partners Are Saying

"With a high-performance computing (HPC) framework like Bodo, the execution of numerical operations can be made significantly more efficient, without having to provision clusters or rewrite code manually."
Tamas Foldi
Co-founder and CTO, Starschema
"Bodo is taking further key reasons we started  projects:  to seamlessly provide speed and scale for data projects.
Travis Oliphant
CEO of Quansight, Creator of SciPy, NumPy, and Numba; founder and Director of Anaconda, Inc.

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