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Building a Bodo Future

Bodo is working to create a single data processing workflow orchestration platform for all data types, whether they be media, tabular, or semi-structured. Today, coding and processing for different data types are entirely separated. In the future, the Bodo dynamic parallel computing architecture will optimize the allocation and parallelization of hardware for all types of data processing scenarios and on all types of data platforms.

Building a Bodo Future

Data Platform Partners

Bodo partners with leading data platforms to provide a high-performance analytics engine for their customers.

Cloud Partners

Hardware Partners

Bodo partners with hardware manufacturers to help extract maximum parallel execution performance.

Open Source Partners

Bodo’s technology roots are based in open source projects. We remain staunch supporters of a wide range of OSS technologies.

Service Partners

Bodo works with best-in-class firms to provide training, onboarding, and consulting services to customers.

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Check out the latest Bodo news and updates
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