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We are a fast growing team that will support, uplift, and challenge you to become your best self.

What We Value

At Bodo, we believe that data science will solve the world's toughest and most important problems.
Our Solutions

Simplify the data engineering needs so data scientists do not have to face the burden of mismatched skill-sets while working with real world data.

Our Passion

Our passion is to deliver disruptive solutions using the best technologies and achieve Bodo's vision.

Our team

We are a diverse group of experts in our respective areas, constantly learning more. We work together and support each other to succeed in our mission.

Who We Are

Changing the analytics landscape requires innovating in many different areas, and we empower each member of our team to find their own space to grow.

We work hard and support each other, and we also remember to take time to reflect and focus on ourselves. We do this to ensure that we all become well-rounded individuals who can deliver great work while living well balanced lives.

Where We Are

Bodo is a hybrid in-person and remote operated company. With two
physical locations in San Mateo, CA and Pittsburgh, PA

We’re Hiring

Bodo provides competitive salary, significant equity stake, full benefits, and flexible working hours. Developing
a new complex technology and building an enterprise-grade software product around it is not easy - we are
looking for technologists with strong passion and drive to make it happen!

Any Questions?

Any questions? Feel free to ask us anything.
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