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Compute Engine

A compute engine refers to the underlying infrastructure responsible for processing queries and executing data operations on your data.

Compute Engine

A compute engine is a crucial component that determines how quickly and efficiently your queries are executed and how much computing power is allocated to handle your workloads.

While Snowflake's built-in compute engine is highly efficient and offers various advantages, there might be situations where you would consider using a different compute engine alongside or instead of Snowflake's native compute. 

  • Specialized Workloads: Some compute engines are designed for specific types of workloads or use cases. For instance, you might have highly complex analytical tasks that require the capabilities of a specialized analytics engine like Apache Spark or Apache Flink. By using a different compute engine for these specific workloads, you can leverage its unique features and optimizations tailored to those tasks.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Some compute engines are part of larger ecosystems and toolsets that you might already be using in your data environment. By integrating a different compute engine seamlessly into your existing data workflows, you can take advantage of familiar tools and libraries, streamlining your data pipelines and reducing complexity.
  • Cost Optimization: While Snowflake's compute engine provides automatic and elastic scaling, some workloads might have specific cost constraints or performance requirements that can be better met using a different compute engine. By using the right tool for the right job, you can potentially optimize costs and performance for certain use cases.
  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy: In some scenarios, you might have data distributed across multiple cloud providers or on-premises infrastructure. Using a different compute engine can facilitate data processing and analytics within specific environments while still leveraging Snowflake as the central data warehouse for data storage and integration.

Snowflake's native compute engine remains a robust choice for most data warehousing and SQL querying needs, but exploring other engines can extend your data processing capabilities and help you save on compute costs. Learn more about Bodo's efficient compute engine here.

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Bodo + Snowflake

Bodo + Snowflake

When used together, Bodo and Snowflake is an optimal solution that achieves the lowest cost and the highest performance.


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