Bodo Compute Engine

The next-generation compute engine for your modern data stack

Bodo is the first compute engine to leverage a fully parallel architecture to harness supercomputing levels of performance and efficiency.

The next gen compute engine for your data stack

Performant at near-infinite and linear scale

Scale up without slowing down
  • Scale to virtually any volume of data, workloads, and users without degrading performance or efficiency.
  • Concurrency without the chaos. Eliminate resource contention, allowing each user and workload access to the computing horsepower needed for quick and efficient task execution. Users won’t experience a slowdown or disruption of their queries when concurrency surges

What makes Bodo so efficient?

True HPC parallelism
True HPC parallelism

Bodo is built from cutting-edge High Performance Computing (HPC) research, which eliminates the performance overhead of existing systems for large-scale data transformations.

Compiler driven
Compiler driven

Bodo Compute Engine’s end-to-end compiler uses multi-level optimizations to convert SQL and Python workloads into very efficient binary code automatically. Native Python works just like SQL without any new API layers



Designed for speed and efficiency

Get more from your cores: increased cost and energy savings, better insights

  • Efficiency meets sustainability. Achieve environmental goals with optimized data processing that reduces your organization's energy usage.
  • Reduce snowballing compute costs that consume your budget.
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Designed for speed and efficiency
“We really needed to provide our 500 data scientists the ability to process billions of rows in split seconds in a cost- and energy-efficient way. The performance characteristics of Bodo were staggering”

Flexible and future-ready

Quickly adapt to changing data sources and business needs

  • Architected to run anywhere. Deploy on public clouds, private clouds, on-prem, or a virtualized environment.
  • Work with the languages and libraries of your choice. Bodo supports native Python and SQL.
  • Built on open standards so that existing investments in tooling or resources remain effective. Fits into your existing stack—not rip and replace.
Flexible and future-readyFlexible and future-ready

For Data Engineers

See how Bodo brings HPC levels of performance and efficiency to large-scale data processing

See How it Works
For Data EngineersFor Data Engineers

Turbocharge your data stack with Bodo

Bodo boosts large-scale data workflows on your own data warehouse or data lake to extreme efficiency and performance without any new storage layers.

Bodo efficiently manages data processing resources in your own cloud account. Get all the benefits of Bodo and its integrations with the best-in-class data tools, all through an easy onboarding process that simply uses an AWS/Azure user role.

Turbocharge your data stack with Bodo

Portable across tech stacks and security infrastructures

Easily integrate Bodo without disruption or compromise

  • Bring Bodo to your data. Data always stays in your own VPC without copy, so you can comply with the security standards that your organization may require.
  • Ensure control with SOC2. Bodo is SOC2 Type II certified and offers additional security features: manage user access, audit usage, and analyze activity across every workspace.
Portable across tech stacks and security infrastructures

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Chat with a Bodo expert

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