See It In Action

Bodo’s next-gen compute engine gives you high performance compute in the comfort of your usual SQL/Python

SQL & Python

Bodo runs on native Python and SQL

Speed up ETL/ ELT and data processing up to 20x


Bodo utilizes true parallelization

Reduce your total compute costs by up to 95%

Bodo provides a full parallel compute paradigm instead of relying on a distributed library that causes bottlenecks. Our JIT compiler supports native Python and SQL interchangeably without the need for complicated API layers and hard-to-use database user-defined functions (UDFs).

As demonstrated with this data set, Bodo manages to speed up this query from time 1 to time 2 without the need for any code customization.

Curious about applying Bodo to your use case or data set?

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Download Bodo-Snowflake overview

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