Scale your data pipelines with Bodo

Bring HPC levels of performance and efficiency to large-scale data processing

Why Bodo is different

Bodo's founding team includes a few of the world’s leading HPC experts. Bodo brings HPC levels of performance and efficiency to data engineers without any new language API layers or performance tuning.

MPI parallelization and low-level code optimization

Bodo is natively parallel and makes nearly 100% efficient use of computing resources.

Vectorization and SPMD (Single Program, Multiple Data) concepts

These deliver lightning fast query speeds, and scales linearly to massive numbers (10,000’s) of cores.

Taking control with high performance scalable compute

Develop SQL/Python data applications at scale

  • Take advantage of the Bodo Compute Engine in interactive notebooks to work directly with Terabyte-scale data.
  • Mix and match SQL and Python, using native syntax without any new API layers.
  • Bodo's efficient connectors and integrations allow you to load and process terabytes of data in minutes, not hours.

Deploy and monitor jobs

  • Deploy data transform jobs using one-click job scheduling.
  • Manage and monitor your jobs and cloud resources easily in one place.
  • Turn your interactive notebooks into production jobs on dedicated job clusters from a simple UI.
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Manage your cloud resources and collaborate  securely in one place

  • Use Bodo's integrated workspaces to foster collaboration through a secure, multi-user environment with organizational security features such as audit logs, API tokens, and more.
  • Utilize the Bodo platform's multi-cloud support to manage your data workloads in one place.
  • Enjoy the benefits of fine-grained resource control to manage your compute costs, with options such as controlling instance types, pausing, and scaling clusters.
Bodo + Snowflake

Bodo + Snowflake

When used together, Bodo and Snowflake is an optimal solution that achieves the lowest cost and the highest performance.


Putting it all together


  • Near linear scalability without significant costs
  • Smart data partitioning to optimize data locality and minimize data movement between nodes, reducing overhead of data communication
  • Avoids the bottlenecks and task overheads of distributed libraries
  • Simple scaling from the development environment to production
Designed for speed and efficiency


  • Open standards, supports a variety of formats instead of a proprietary file format: Parquet, CSV,
  • Easily integrate with your existing data infrastructure with pre-built connectors to Snowflake and Iceberg
  • Multi-cloud support


  • Supports use of Python and SQL interchangeably without the need for complicated API layers like PySpark and hard-to-use database user-defined functions (UDFs)
  • Easy to get started with a PIP install and run examples from GitHub
  • Simplifies the process of cluster management by automatically configuring nodes
  • Support from a dedicated team of Bodo engineers
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