2022 at Bodo: A Year in Review2022 at Bodo: A Year in Review

2022 at Bodo: A Year in Review

November 23, 2022
Jessica Cappas

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re taking a journey back to look at some of the key features and programs we launched at Bodo. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done, so before we leave 2022 in the dust—let’s take a look at this year’s highlights and happenings!


Increased support for SQL

We introduced support for SQL, adding a declarative programming model to our advanced compute engine. You can now run ANSI SQL queries on Pandas dataframes. Bodo infers the data flow and automatically parallelizes the query, increasing performance of long-running SQL queries by almost 7x and reducing costs by 78%. See Bodo in Action→

The Snowflake-Certified Connector is here

Bodo’s Snowflake connector lets your compute clusters read terabytes of Snowflake data extremely quickly. It is built-in and fully automatic. The Bodo-on-Snowflake stack allows data engineers to build innovative, high-performance, efficient and cost-effective data applications quickly, while maintaining them with little effort. Learn more about the Bodo-Snowflake connector →


The Iceberg Connector is here, too

Iceberg needs a capable compute engine, and Bodo is a great match due to its speed, resource efficiency, and flexible parallel architecture. Our connector supports basic reading and writing with further support coming soon—stay tuned!  Read more about Bodo + Iceberg →

New functionality, new features, and 9 product releases

We added several other new features and key functionalities to our compute engine—improvements including compressed in-memory string processing, wide column platform support (1000s of columns), and Bodo SDK for submitting jobs. Review release notes →

New partnerships

Dremio customers can now use Bodo as a highly performant compute engine within Dremio’s open lakehouse platform. Together, the joint solution enables customers to accelerate transformation and processing of big data workloads, increase data quality, and simplify big data management—while reducing overall infrastructure costs. Learn more about Dremio →

Bodo also partnered with Saturn Cloud as a performant and scalable compute engine accessible from within Saturn Cloud's integrated collaborative engine. Scale prototypes to petabyte-scale parallel processing production environments without tuning or re-coding. Read more

A return to in-person (and some virtual) events

Bodo was a proud sponsor of Data Council in Austin, PyCon in Salt Lake City, and Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas. These events allowed our team to connect with many folks in the Big Data, SQL, and Python communities. 

The Bodo team also attended Snowflake Summit World Tour events in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, as well as dbt’s Coalesce in New Orleans.  It was great chatting with many of you at these events—and we hope to see you again in 2023!

We won some awards!

Bodo won the 2022 Data Breakthrough Award for Industry Leadership, holding the title “Overall Data Tech Innovation of the Year”. We are proud to be recognized for the hard work of our engineers, especially co-founder Ehsan Totoni. 

From new team members joining the company to the fantastic customers we've onboarded this year — 2022 has been packed full of highlights. And there’s even more to come in 2023. 

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