Bodo Data Processing Platform

A simple and secure environment that brings the performance and efficiency of the Bodo compute engine to your SQL and Python data transformation jobs. Develop, deploy, and monitor your data workloads all within the comfort of SaaS in your own cloud VPC.

Turbocharge your data stack with the Bodo compute engine

The Bodo compute engine propels large-scale data workflows on your own data warehouse or data lake to extreme efficiency and performance, without any new storage layers. The Bodo Platform control plane efficiently manages data processing resources in your own cloud account. Get all the benefits of the Bodo compute engine and its integrations with the best-in-class data tools, all through an easy onboarding process that uses your AWS/Azure user role.
Bodo platform
Built for engineers
Our feature-set is designed for developer productivity. Focus on developing and testing ETL—not building  infrastructure.
Ease of use
Easy to use
Use a language you already know and tools you already love. Simply bring your complex queries and let Bodo do the rest.
Bodo is fast
Super fast
Our first-of-its-kind compute engine brings a new standard of pure performance to large-scale data processing.
Bodo is efficient
Extremely efficient
Do more with less—even at data lake scale. Process more data, at higher speeds, and without breaking the bank.

What makes Bodo so fast?

Bodo is the first compute engine to provide the full parallelism and potentially unlimited scaling of SPMD (single program multiple data), a well-known parallel compute paradigm.
True HPC Parallelism
Bodo is built from cutting edge High Performance Computing (HPC) research which eliminates the performance overheads of existing systems for large scale data transformations.
Compiler Driven
Bodo's compute engine solves the problem of automatically parallelizing data analytics code through a compiler driven approach for native SQL and Python without any new API layers.

Built for data engineers

Deploy and monitor jobs

  • Deploy data transform jobs using one-click job scheduling
  • Manage and monitor your jobs and cloud resources easily in one place
  • Turn your interactive notebooks into production jobs on dedicated job clusters from a simple UI

Manage your cloud resources and collaborate securely in one place

  • Use Bodo's integrated workspaces to foster collaboration through a secure, multi-user environment with organizational security features such as audit logs, API tokens, and more
  • Utilize Bodo platform's multi-cloud support to manage your data workloads in one place
  • Enjoy the benefits of the fine-grained resource control to manage your compute costs, with the options such as controlling instance types, pausing, scaling clusters
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