The Bodo Platform

Launch Bodo-powered clusters, jobs and notebooks within minutes on a fully managed cloud platform.

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A Universal Analytics and AI Platform Bringing the Most Powerful Compute Engine to Your Fingertips

The Bodo Platform is a comprehensive solution for your data science and data engineering needs. We deliver Bodo Engine’s capabilities in a simple and self-service manner to your data teams, all in your AWS account or on-premises clusters.

Benefits of Bodo’s Platform

Ease of Use

Create clusters and attach Jupyter notebooks or schedule jobs to run your Python/Pandas code with a click of a button.

Privacy and Security

Resources are created in your AWS account, giving you complete
privacy and control of your data and resources.

Resource Management

One-click cloud resource management allows you to focus on data applications instead of configuring compute infrastructure.

How It Works

Simple UI to manage your compute clusters, jupyter notebooks, and production data pipeline jobs in your cloud account.

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