Bodo + SQL

Extreme Performance for SQL Integrated with Native Python

Introducing BodoSQL

We are excited to announce Beta access for BodoSQL: a SQL engine with a supercomputing-style parallel architecture that is fully integrated with high-performance Python by Bodo. BodoSQL is designed to bridge the gap between the Python and SQL worlds by providing the compiler benefits such as type and error checking, and end-to-end optimizations, alongside the extreme performance benefits from supercomputing-style parallelization.

How BodoSQL Works

BodoSQL converts queries into Python functions to be parallelized and compiled by Bodo. First, BodoSQL generates a logical plan using Apache Calcite and optimizes it for efficient code generation. It then generates Python code that is compiled by Bodo’s JIT compiler to produce optimized binary code. It is as though the entire application was written in Python, eliminating the language boundaries between Python and SQL.
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