Bodo helps you unlock the true potential of your data stack by speeding up ETL/ELT and data processing by up to 20x and slashing up to 95% of your costs. All in the comfort of your usual SQL/Python workflow.

The next-gen compute engine for your data stack

Bodo is a SQL and Python data processing platform powered by advanced compilers and MPI parallelization technologies. Bodo fits into your existing data stack so you can quickly get up and running—while keeping what works in place.

Keep your existing storage, but get faster compute in your own VPC
Bodo operates on the data in your data warehouse or data lake without copy. Data always stays in your own VPC, so you can comply with the security standards that your organization may require.
Enjoy the simplicity of SaaS, and get started in minutes
Bodo's platform provides a simple, interactive workflow for development, deployment, and monitoring. Quickly get up and running with your most challenging workloads in your existing cloud account.
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High performance compute by design

Bodo’s compiler and MPI parallelization technologies were developed through years of R&D. Bodo is architecturally up to 20x more efficient than existing data warehousing and Spark data processing engines.

Reduce snowballing compute costs

Are large data transformations and joins resulting in long-running and expensive SQL/Python jobs? Bodo's parallel architecture provides the most efficient design for query execution, resulting in far shorter query run times and greatly reduced cloud spending.

Deliver fresh data for up-to-the-moment insights

Bodo's fast data transformations will help you meet or exceed even the most stringent SLAs across a variety of data use cases. Deliver the freshest data to your analytics teams for better, faster data-driven decision making.

Increase developer productivity and confidence

Data engineers can focus on developing, validating, and testing their data transformation workloads—instead of being bogged down by manual query or infrastructure performance tuning. Speed up development cycles, streamline developer workflows, and enable collaboration through shared workspaces.

Why data engineers love Bodo

"This is the real deal. Bodo built on the success of Numba to combine compiled Pandas and automatic parallelism (with MPI) to get incredibly fast data processing using simple syntax. It is particularly great for ETL.  It can make your code using Python *fast* — simply."
Travis Oliphant
CEO OpenTeams, Quansight, Founder of Anaconda
"With a high-performance computing (HPC) framework like Bodo, the execution of numerical operations can be made significantly more efficient, without having to provision clusters or extensively rewrite code manually."
Tamas Foldi
Co-founder and CTO, Starschema
"With Bodo we are now able to scale up our MBA (market basket analysis) metrics to longer time periods with much better results. On the same infrastructure Bodo takes around 6 mins for the workload that Databricks takes 1.1 hours for."
Lead Data Engineer
at a large retail company
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